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Hip Hop as a Cultural Movement Essay - 2625 Words

Anson Wong WRI 1200 Prof. Patrice Wilson May 14, 2010 Hip-hop as a Cultural Movement What first comes to mind nowadays when you hear the word ‘hip-hop’? Most people think of a gangster embellished in large diamonds, sporting baggy clothes, huge cars, all with a general disregard for the welfare of humanity. It wasn’t always like this: hip-hop was originally born as a recreational activity, used as an outlet to cope with poverty. The notion of hip-hop has clearly changed in a big way since the advent of hip-hop culture back in the 1970s. Contrary to popular belief, hip-hop is truly a deep-rooted culture that has used rap music as its medium to appeal to its audiences. But time and time again, people have generally disregarded†¦show more content†¦Perkins explains how rap’s focal point is self-expression through vocal means, through the poetic style that was used by famous rap artists such as Run DMC (10). Little did the hip-hop community know, this emphasis on self-expression would lead to a full-blown controversy. While hip-hop embodies self-expression as a whole, rap took the ideal and took it to a whole new level: a new form of rap music, ‘gangsta rap’, emerged as a byproduct of the individuality that hip-hop followers pride themselves on. Author Tricia Rose sums up this controversy by saying â€Å"a key aspect of much of the criticism that has been leveled at hip-hop is the claim that it glorifies, encourages, and causes violence† (34). Riddled with misogyny and violence, rap has come under fire from numerous critics saying that the music itself is socially inappropriate. Author Rachel Sullivan explains how these opinions and attitudes towards rap music created a public view of hip-hoppers as African American low-lifes, and how rap was blamed for supposedly generating a violent fan base (607). It doesn’t help the situation when rappers tend to revel in their ‘gangsta’ lifestyles. As a response to general criticism, rap artists have used a term called ‘keeping it real’ to defend their music, saying that rap music refers to the hardships of street life in the Bronx community (Rose 134). But while the battle continued to rage on within the rap scene, others were forming their own opinions asShow MoreRelatedHip Hop : A Cultural Movement1851 Words   |  8 Pages Hip-Hop is a cultural movement that emerged from the ramshackle South Bronx, New York in the early 1970’s. The area’s predominantly African American and Puerto Rican populations originated this musical genre and culture that over the past four decades has developed into a global perception impacting the youth culture around the world. â€Å"The South Bronx was a full of political, social, and economic rising in the years leading up to the beginning of Hip-Hop.† The early part of the 1970’s found manyRead More Hip-Hop as a Cultural Movement Essay1570 Words   |  7 Pages Hip-Hop is a cultural movement that emerged f rom the dilapidated South Bronx, New York in the early 1970’s. The area’s mostly African American and Puerto Rican residents originated this uniquely American musical genre and culture that over the past four decades has developed into a global sensation impacting the formation of youth culture around the world. The South Bronx was a whirlpool of political, social, and economic upheaval in the years leading up to the inception of Hip-Hop. The early partRead MoreHip Hop : A Cultural Movement And Popular Genre Of Music Essay1920 Words   |  8 Pagesthat there s some kind of unity in hip-hop. We all found something that s really important to us, and music is all we ve really got† – Missy Elliot. Hip-Hop is a cultural movement and popular genre of music that emerged during the early 1970 s by working class Black youths in New York City. The cultural movement has rapidly expanded across different countries and ethnicities over the years, becoming one of the few markers that define a generation. Hip-Hop can be seen as â€Å"the fundamental matrixRead MoreHip-hop was a cultural movement. It emerged in the early 1970s from the South Bronx. Hip-hop came1300 Words   |  6 PagesHip-hop was a cultural movement. It emerged in the early 1970s from the South Bronx. Hip-hop came from the â€Å"ghetto† and it became a cultural force of social protest and creativity. But from the 1990s and onward hip-hop changed from a cultural creative production to one of mass consumption. Hip-hop began to grow and through mass marketing targeting larger and whiter audiences hip-hop evolved in to relying on the images of crime and sex. Hip-hop has changed from a tool of social change to cars, womenRead MoreThe Impact Of Hip Hop Music On America1491 Words   |  6 Pagesdescended from all African culture and tradition. Today, Hip-hop music in America is generally considered to have been pioneered out of New York s South Bronx in the early 1970â€℠¢s by a Jamaican-born DJ Herc. By the time mid-1970s, New York s hip-hop gained wide-spread popularity and the scene was dominated by seminal turn-tablists DJs Grandmaster Flash, Herc and Afrika Bambaataa. The rappers of a group named â€Å"Sugarhill Gang† produced hip-hop s first commercially successful hit, Rapper s DelightRead More Music - The Hip-hop Movement Essay1650 Words   |  7 PagesThe Hip-hop Movement Hip-hop has become a new cultural phenomenon in North America and has become quite popular all over the world. Hip-hop began in the 1970s in New York City where it has its origins in the African-American community. However, because of music videos, Hip-hop culture has become accessible to everyone in society and has merged into mainstream pop culture. Hip-hop culture may not have been as popular if it was not for the accessibility of this new media. The Hip-hop movementRead MoreHarlem Renaissance Essay1341 Words   |  6 PagesMadhubuti’s contention, Jeffery Stewart stated after major victories of the civil rights movement another intellectual and cultural rebellion called Black Power movement. Madhubuti’s, a black arts movement members relationship with Harlem Renaissance is one of the youngest African dont like politics and aesthetic of the previous generation of black artists. The â€Å"utmost impatience† I would about how Black Arts movement member expressed themselves to the Harlem Renaissance and its allegedly excessive whiteRead MoreEssay on The Globalization of Hip Hop Music1498 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to Wikipedia, Hip-hop music, also called rap music, is a musical genre consisting of a stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted. It developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four key stylistic elements: MCing/r apping, DJing/scratching, breaking/dancing, and graffiti writing. Hip hop is also characterized by these other elements: sampling (or synthesis), and beatboxing. Hip hop music developed from partyRead MoreA Response to â€Å"Hip Hop: a Roadblock or Pathway to Black Empowerment†1110 Words   |  5 PagesLancaster ENGL- 1301 18 September, 2012 A Response to â€Å"Hip Hop: A Roadblock or pathway to Black Empowerment† Geoffrey Bennett’s article Hip Hop: A Roadblock or Pathway to Black Empowerment illustrates the influence hip hop and rap music has had on not only the music industry but mainstream culture, African Americans to be specific. Geoffrey Bennett, a senior English Major from Voorhees, New Jersey goes over many aspects of how hip hop came to be â€Å"the forefront of American attention.† He startsRead MoreWhat is Hip Hop?1057 Words   |  5 Pagescontroversy regarding the derogative nature of Hip-hop, One cannot downplay the cultural influences that hip-hop has impressed on the world. Merriam-Webster defines hip-hop as the stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rap (citation). Although the conventional definition of hip-hop is generally correct, it does not adequately portray the gravity of the movement. Coined by the urban youth, Hip-hop has forced its way to the pinnacle of mainstream America. Hip-hop’s massive influence on the English

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