Sunday, November 24, 2019

Glondys Rodriguez Naturalistic Observation Essay Example

Glondys Rodriguez Naturalistic Observation Essay Example Glondys Rodriguez Naturalistic Observation Paper Glondys Rodriguez Naturalistic Observation Paper My observation took topographic point in a park where a birthday party was observing. I looked at a miss of 6 old ages old or so. The miss was have oning a pink blouse and white bloomerss. I think she was Latino. She was approximately 40 inch tall and weighed around 30 lbs. I could hear when her ma called her Diana. Physical Development For her age. she had a perfect physical development because I could see how she ran with other misss of the same age. She was leaping the twine. and playing fells and seeks. so I could state that the miss was healthy and had good physical development. Cognitive development ( Piaget’s phases ) Harmonizing to Piaget’s phases Diana is in preoperational phase because for illustration. she played with her friends constructing a hardy house of plants’ foliages moving as if it was a princess palace. Besides she used subdivisions of the trees as if they were charming wands. so I realized that Diana is in the subdivision of mental representation ( Make-believe-play ) . Another illustration that I realized was that Diana’s female parent offered a juice. and gave her a pick of a bottle or a glass and she chose the bottle allowed more sum than the glass. Emotional and Social Development ( Erikson’s phase ) : Harmonizing to Erikson’s phases. Diana is in industry versus lower status because I noticed that she was all the clip in cooperation with the other childs. She developed a sense of competency at utile accomplishments and undertakings. To back up what I say I have an illustration. She was dancing all the clip with the music she liked. She danced with astonishing motions. I noticed she had natural accomplishments and ability to dance. The misss competed to see who danced better. That minute was unbelievable because I enjoyed what was go oning. and I realized the fight that exists between misss and male childs at this age. To reason. I can state Diana has a good self-pride. I don’t believe she felt lower status at any minute. On the other manus. she looked really safe in all the undertakings she developed. Does the kid meet the mileposts and phases for the physical. cognitive. and social/emotional development? Yes. I think this 6 old ages old girl meets all the mileposts and phases for the physical. cognitive. and social/ emotional development. Is at that place anything unusual or off-development for this kid ( shortages every bit good as giftedness ) ? There was nil off-development or unusual for this miss. on the contrary. I think she is really intelligent and talented. My ideas about observation: I think my observation helped me a batch to understand the normal development in in-between childhood and to cognize we should interact. usher. and back up them to accomplish the best of their abilities. My sentiment about what I observed and the application of the theories of development: In my sentiment. Piaget’s cognitive development theories and Erikson’s psychological theories are an first-class usher to assist us understand the phases in normal growing and development.

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