Thursday, November 28, 2019

Religion And Motivation In Learning Essays - Educational Psychology

Religion and Motivation in Learning Religion Journal Assignment Respect is a very important aspect of class discipline. Respect towards peers, property, and the teacher all lead to the student in being the best student they can be. If the student does not respect anything in the classroom, the learning process is hampered by the student themselves; they are the ones without respect, therefore they do not want to learn and are totally responsible for the grade they are given. Respect is fundamental in the process of learning. Effort is second most important in the learning process. If the student does not want to learn, what will they learn? Will they learn everything, or nothing? If the student does not give full effort and listen everytime a lesson is presented, he will not learn anything, therefore failing the course. This depends on the degree of effort, if the effort is high, and the student is somewhat oriented towards attaining a good grade, a high grade of effort will be presented. Effort is the best way in determining a student's will to learn. The course of religion consists of 6 units, some of them concerning what we believe in, why we believe in it, and what can be observed in the future. The religion course encourages us to explore our heritage and our beliefs, something we may never had fully understood. The course helps us to fully understand why we go to a catholic school, for one thing. The course gives an overview of the history of the religion, and what has happened through centuries. It shows us what we believe in, how DO WE understand creation, and then gives us an understanding of creation. This is the first unit. The following units gives us an explanation of de-creation, re- creation, the covenant, nationhood, and division. All of these will contribute to our fully understanding our religion. The course goes over 6 units and over 30 sub-units. The methods shown in the table of contents describes a medium rich in examples and simple understanding. Describing information in a method that is both easily communicated and transmitted relaxes the need for both effort and hard study. If the information is easily presented, the maximum amount of learning can be attained through the least amount of study, thereby making learning purely efficient and easy. The methods shown are both simple and effective, thereby making learning more efficient.

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